Natural Healthcare for your Pets

06 June, 2019

We are a nation of animal lovers and we look to give our pets the best treatments to keep them healthy. It stands to reason then that if we look after our own health, we want to do the same for our pets. This article summarises some of the natural treatments that can help your pets.

Natural Treatments for conditions

Our good friends at A.Vogel offer us a lovely range of animal essences to cover a variety of scenarios that you may encounter.

Many of you will be familiar with the Bach remedies, these liquids are the animal equivalents. They come in liquid form which is a great bonus as they are easy to offer to your pet. They can be dropped in the water bowl, added to food or applied to a snack. Some animals may take them directly but you have a number of ways to give them if this is not the case!

The remedies are gentle and only need to be given according to symptoms. Once the situation improves you can stop giving the remedy.

  • Emergency Essence

This formula is the animal rescue remedy and should be given whenever an animal is distressed, nervous or about to be subject to something difficult – perhaps a trip to the vets or groomers! This quick act remedy will soothe your pets’ nerves and make everyone’s lives easier.

  • Separation Essence

Many pets suffer when they are left. This covers anything from the short-term trip to the shops up to holidays. It is suitable for any separation issue from re-homing, leaving their mum or just daily trips out by their owners.

  • Timid Essence

Pretty self-explanatory – some animals are naturally nervous and lacking confidence. They are often fearful, sensitive and insecure. This remedy helps to address this imbalance leaving them more confident and able to manage their day.

  • Over Dominant

At the opposite end of the spectrum we get bossy, headstrong, defiant, difficult, jealous and perhaps defensive characters. Like humans they strut their stuff to make everyone else notice them or possibly be afraid of them.

This remedy eases the tension within the animal enabling it to become more relaxed and at ease. A real blessing for any family with a troubled pet!

  • Highly Strung

Animals don’t escape the effects of modern life and can become highly strung and excitable. They become hard to manage as they are unpredictable and over enthusiastic with bursts of excitable behaviour. Like all the other remedies this one calms and balances your pet making life more calm and serene.

Homeopathy for Pets

In the U.K. although I am a qualified Homeopath, I cannot treat animals with homeopathy. There are homeopathic vets who are able to treat your animals.

Colloidal Silver

This interesting liquid is comprised tiny particles of silver suspended in liquid. The theory is that the particles are so small they can penetrate cells and eliminate germs, bacteria and inflammation.

The properties associated with this product include:

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-viral

Potential uses include dealing with:

  • Injuries and wounds
  • Fever
  • Eye infections
  • Burns
  • Inflammation
  • Ear conditions

We offer the product in several forms from drops, gel and shampoo.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is the flea and tick season. As I write this, I remember my previous dog who had just been groomed for summer… He celebrated by walking through a deep muddy puddle. He left the puddle with a posse of insects floating around him. Sadly, he was bitten badly around his sensitive areas. That night I applied aloe vera gel to those sensitive bits and was rewarded with a big sigh of relief…

Aloe Vera Gel is particularly soothing for skin conditions and for those animals who suffer sunburn it can be a total relief – just as it can for us!

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Pop some into their shampoo and conditioner to deter fleas and other biters that have a munch on your beloved pet. Please see section on garlic.

Local Honey

Our pets like us can be subject to allergic reactions, hay fever and so on. A tablespoonful of local honey twice a day can relieve many an uncomfortable itch and allergy symptom.

Juliette Levy who has written a number of animal care books cites the many fabulous properties of raw honey including:

  • Infection fighting
  • Wound healing
  • Nerve tonic
  • Heart tonic
  • Great source of vitamins
  • Burn treatment
  • Cyst treatment


In common with humans’ animals can receive an immune boost from a regular intake of garlic. This is because garlic offers viral, fungal and bacterial protection. It is also very helpful as an insect repellent and a good digestive support as well.


Unusually for me I have left diet until last. Animals are no different to humans, a good healthy diet of fresh raw foods goes a long way to contributing to your animals’ overall health and well-being. Choose as you would for yourself, organic and local foods.

Be aware that as food sensitivities have increased many animals, in particular dogs, have difficulty processing chicken and related foods. Remember chicken are fed grain and if your animal is grain intolerant, they will react.

As ever, this is a simple overview but we hope it encourages you to explore and investigate healthy options for your pets.

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